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The Space Between



LAND is a multimedia documentary performed live by Belgium-based collaborative The Space Between. In 2021, when it became clear that the pandemic would prohibit The Space Between from returning to Detroit to finish the multi-year production of their show in person, they hired me as their on-the-ground producer to help them complete production remotely. As producer I did field recording and interviews, and researched and connected them with Detroit-based collaborators to fully realize their show. 


See a video trailer here.


Team: Concept & Text: Katharina Smets. Concept & Image: Ingrid Leonard. Concept & Sound/Music: Inne Eysermans. Poetry & Guidance: Marsha Music. Cinematography Poem & Locations Detroit: Desmond Love. Location Sound Mixer & Location Scouting: Wayne Juuni. Production: Juliet Hinely. Set Design & Construction: Samyra Moumouh & Hans Demeule­naere. Graphic Design: Mo Neuharth. Light Design & Technical Assistance: Jannes Dierynck / Brecht Beuselinck. Technical Advice: Gertjan Biasino. Translations: Lies Lavrijsen & Nathalie Tabury. Management: Klein Verzet VZW. Coproduction: LOD Muziek­the­ater, Kunsten­cen­trum Vooruit & C-TAKT. With the support of the Govern­ment of Flanders.

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