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2015, 2016

For just shy of two years I worked as a producer and production manager at Detour, helping create highly sound-designed, immersive, location-based audio tours in San Francisco and New York City. Detours (app now defunct after being sold to Bose) were “stories that take you places” — audio tours that revealed the stories of a neighborhood as you walked through and interacted with the places where the history actually happened, told by people who were actually there. 

My work in production included:​

  • Archival and on-the-ground research

  • Writing and editing scripts, writing for the ear, writing for place

  • Auditioning and evaluating narrators

  • Interviewing story subjects and recording environmental ambi

  • Multi-track editing of tour segments and audio promos

  • Creating production timelines and managing production calendar

  • Sourcing, editing, and managing all visual and written assets for publication

  • Creating documentation and how-to manuals 

  • Liaising between independent producers and Detour HQ

Team Credits: Staff Producers: Jorge Just, Marianne McCune, Luisa Beck, Juliet Hinely. Mix/Master Engineer: Julian Kwasneski. 

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