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Small Roles

AKA Things I am happy to have been peripherally involved in / Other things for which my name is in the credits:

In Search of the Pale Blue Spin, audio walk by Stephanie Rowden -- audio walk & story consultant

Fresh Coast Creatives, feature series for Interlochen Public Radio by produced by Red Pine Radio -- series editor

The Sound of Your Voice is Home, audio installation by Yasmine Nasser Diaz -- production consultant, audio mixing

Articles of Interest, podcast by Avery Trufelman -- early ears on episode 1, project support through The Listen Inn

Transcripts, podcast by Cass Adair -- member of editorial collective/early ears on episode 1

Weight For It, podcast by Ronald Young, Jr -- interview consultant/early ears on episode 1

Time Well Spent, podcast by Ronald Young, Jr -- story support on Ep. 19 through The Listen Inn

The Collection Speaks, audio walk by Stephanie Rowden -- audio walk & story consultant

10 Questions for Henry Ford, film by Andrew Kirshner -- invited story feedback

Cadence, podcast by Yen Azzaro & Hafsah Mijinyawa -- series consultant

For Dancing in the Streets, sound and video installation by Parisa Ghaderi -- production support & exhibition producer 



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