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Juliet Hinely

producer & sound designer for podcasts, audio tours & exhibitions


Hi, I’m Juliet Hinely, an independent audio producer and sound designer. I produce, edit, sound design, consult, and collaborate on creative narrative audio for podcasts, audio tours, exhibitions, multi-media projects, and beyond.

More "about me" can be found here
And here are some of the ways we can work together

Podcasts &  Projects

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Let's work together

Working together

Want to make a podcast or audio tour but not sure how to start?

In the middle of production and looking for help?

Ready to start a big project and looking for a producer who can make it happen?

I love working with people and organizations in all of those ways.

Here is what I do, in all various and collaborative combinations:​

Podcast, audio tour, and story production:

  • Story, Tour, Episode, and/or Series Development

  • Production Timeline Planning/Design

  • Field and In-Studio Interviews

  • Scripting, Script Editing, Punch-Up

  • Recording and Voice Direction for Narration

  • Multi-Track Sound Editing

  • Sound Design – building scenes with sound, music palette selection, music placement

Teaching and training:

  • Technical teaching and training: how to record and edit audio 

  • Editorial/creative teaching and training: ways of making and sound designing stories

  • Workshop and syllabus development

Advising and consultation:

  • Tailored advice for your specific project

Visual Artist Collaborations:

  • This is something new that I've gotten to do a little bit of in the last few years -- working with visual artists to create audio components for their exhibitions. If you're a visual artist and this sounds interesting to you, I'd love to talk further.

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