Want to make a podcast but not sure how to start?

In the middle of production and looking for help?

Ready to start a big project and looking for an editor or producer who can make it happen?


I love working with people and organizations in all of those ways.

I love developing and structuring stories and bringing them to life through thoughtful, top-notch production.

As one of my favorite editors once said to me “I love making good work even better.”


Here is what I do, in all various combinations:


Podcast and Story Production from start to finish

  • Story, Episode, and/or Series Development

  • Production Planning

  • Field and In-Studio Interviews

  • Scripting and Script Editing

  • Recording and Voice Directing

  • Story Editing

  • Multi-Track Sound Editing

  • Sound Design


Editorial Guidance

  • “Big Picture” story editing to develop the work and lay in the building blocks

  • “In The Weeds” line edits to finesse every detail

Sound Design

  • Building scenes with sound

  • Music selection

  • Music placement


Advising and Consultation

  • Custom-tailored advice for your specific project