Podcasts & Past Work



Michigan Radio & NPR

Senior Producer

Advice from Mom

Independent podcast from 

Wise Ones Advice Services

Producer & Editor

Believed is an 8-part narrative and investigative podcast about the women who brought down Larry Nassar. It’s an inside look at how a team of women — a detective, a prosecutor, and an army of survivors — won justice in one of the largest serial sexual abuse cases in U.S. history. It’s also an unnerving exploration of how even well-meaning adults can fail to believe.

See the video trailer here

Listen to the audio trailer here

Find the whole series here

As Senior Producer I:​

  • Built scenes and atmosphere with archival audio

  • Produced  montage and waterfall elements

  • Selected, placed, and finessed custom composed music throughout episodes

  • Sourced compatible additional music tracks where needed

  • Collaborated with the show’s Executive Producer to select and guide composer creating custom music palette for the show 

Believed was distributed by NPR and reached #1 on iTunes.

Reported and hosted by Lindsey Smith and Kate Wells. Editor: Sarah Huelet with help from Alison MacAdam. Executive Producer: Jennifer Guerra. Associate Producer: Paulette Parker. 

Advice from Mom is a mental health advice column podcast that is really helpful (and also pretty funny). It was conceived by its effervescent host, Rebecca Garza-Bortman.

Take a listen to the Season 2 Promo for a brief taste of the show.

Take a listen to the Meet the MAYtriarchy Promo for a bigger bite.


I have worked as the Producer and Editor of Advice from Mom since Episode 4

  • Developed episode arcs, season structures, and special series

  • Advised on Production Timeline

  • Structured and Produced Interviews

  • Scripted the Host and Punch-Up Script Edited as needed

  • Story Edited all segments for thoughtful, consistent, high quality episodes.

  • Multi-Track Episode Editing

  • Sound Designed and Rough Mixed Episodes and Promos

  • Edited ad scripts and copy for funny musical jingles

  • Guided a deeply collaborative work process with the host who was also a first-time podcaster

  • Featured guests like Esther Perel, Dolores Huerta, Michaela Watkins, Ruth Pointer, and Emily Chang.

  • Featured on iTunes New and Noteworthy, on NPR’s The Big Listen, and got this great review from The Constant Listener



Audible Originals


Wedlock chronicles comedians and spouses Kurt Braunohler and Lauren Cook exploring the complexity and comedy of commitment.

Take a listen to the Wedlock Promo for a brief taste of the show.

I was brought on to this project at Audible to distill and shape 30+ hours of raw tape into a six-episode series.


Throughout production my role encompassed:

  • Story Editing segments and episode arcs

  • Multi-Track Editing all episodes

  • Producing In-Studio Interviews with hosts and guests

  • Scripting Hosts and pickups

  • Music selection and music placement

  • Laying in Rough Sound Design

  • Producing additional Multi-Mic Field Segments for final episodes

  • Producing additional Scripts and Audio Segments for two live events

Bedtime Stories for Cynics

Audible Originals

Producer, Sound Designer, Story Editor

Bedtime Stories for Cynics reimagines children's stories in dark humor for adults. Stories are performed by actors and comedians and the show is hosted by Nick Offerman. Season 2 comes out late 2018.

As story editor and co-producer for Season 2 I:

  • Worked with contributing writers and comedians to develop their stories in theme with the series

  • Story edited for clarity and humor

  • Script edited for the ear

  • Produced narration recording sessions

  • Sound designed and multi-track edited stories into finished episodes

Detour Audio Tours



For just shy of two years I worked as a producer and production manager at Detour, helping create highly sound-designed, immersive, location-based audio tours in San Francisco and New York City. Detours are “stories that take you places” — audio tours that reveal the stories of a neighborhood as you walk through the places where the history actually happened. They are sort of like time travel :)

The small team and start-up pace kept me flexing between many roles in production:

  • On-the-ground and archival research

  • Writing and editing scripts

  • Writing for the ear and writing for place

  • Auditioning and evaluating narrators

  • Interviewing story subjects

  • Recording environmental ambi

  • Multi-track editing of tour segments and audio promos

  • Soliciting pitches from independent producers

  • Creating production timelines and maintaining production calendar

  • Sourcing, editing, and managing all visual and written assets for publication

  • Creating documentation and how-to manuals optimizing for efficiency

  • Managing contracts and releases

  • Liaising between independent producers and Detour HQ